We bring people together to build a responsible, open & supportive society

Our mission

Join Impact gives everyone the opportunity to make a contribution to society. 

We foster social innovation and civic engagement. There are countless ways how you can get active and be there for others. That is why our impact holding unites five highly innovative social startups that show you unique opportunities to get involved – through volunteering, activism and community.

Our social startups

Join Impact unites 5 successful impact startups:

GoVolunteer: Find a social volunteering opportunity that matches your skills and interests

GoNature: Get active to protect our nature and build a sustainable future

Hautfarben: Promote diversity and make a statement against racism with our skin-tones pencils

MACHWERK: Find a new home for your NGO, social startup or impact initiative in our social coworking space

HiMate: Meet new people for leisure activities and exchange in our community for newcomers and locals

What is Join Impact?

Join Impact is an umbrella organization that unites 5 Berlin-based impact startups. 

We are open for collaborations and new social ventures. You can find us at MACHWERK in der Alten Münze in Berlin-Mitte. Or send us an email.

How to get involved?

Join our team

We are looking for highly motivated people to join our 5 impact startups


You can make a difference. Find your perfect volunteering opportunity now.


Help us to help others – by making a financial contribution to our cause.

Our founders

Malte Bedürftig

Helping others makes our lives meaningful. Let’s build a society where everyone can transform their unique potential into social action.

Thomas Noppen